Business success for women across the country.

The Virtual Studio is going to be your favourite place to be on the world wide web!
It was created just for you; the Canadian female small business owner who wants to be part of something bigger. Here is where you will go to learn how to attract your dream clients, craft an amazing online presence and implement successful marketing strategies.

We are a community for you to share your journey, grow your business and accomplish something incredible by creating a business and life you love. 

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No more waiting.
It is time to turn your passion into your thriving business.

I know you have dreamed of having a business that you LOVE, finding a different, fairer and more compassionate way of living and getting paid what you know you’re worth. Because of this, the Virtual Studio is the place for you. Even if you feel you are not a “business person.”

This online studio was created exclusively for women who are or want to be entrepreneurs, women who want to accomplish the incredible, build successful businesses and live with purpose.

Behind these digital doors, you will find the systems, strategies and the support you need to start, succeed and grow your business.

Join me, and we can start our journey in creating business success for women everywhere!

The Virtual Studio - Business Success For Women

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The Path to Success Member’s Suite is perfect for you if….

  • are looking to grow your business and bring more moments of joy and freedom to your life!
  • wanting to wake up every morning filled with motivation and energy because you are building the business of your dreams!
  • you are overwhelmed by all the conflicting information online, and just want someone you can trust — who has actually walked the path themselves — to guide you along your own path.
  • be a part of an encouraging community of inspirational, creative and like-minded women supporting one another.
  • you want to feel empowered, successful, authentic, and enjoy your beautiful, inspired, life!
  • you are willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Most of all you want to make an impact, be an inspiration and accomplish something incredible by launching your dream business and creating your dream life.

Imagine a sisterhood
Connecting women with their inner power to start, succeed, and grow with their dream business.

When you dive into all of the sessions that we have in store for you, you’ll see results.

The Virtual Studio's Exclusive Member's Suite

Path to Success

The value in this membership is outstanding. My mission is to assist women in connecting with their inner power to start, succeed, and grow with their dream business.

I am committed to providing the tools and confidence to thousands of women entrepreneurs.  Women who can, and will, achieve business success and reach beyond their goals and the studio membership is the best example yet of this principle in action.

The best part is that it’s unbelievably affordable at $30 CAD per month. (Cancel at any time, no strings attached.)

Each month the Member’s Suite will release a new Business Session for you to always be moving forward with great momentum. 

What others are saying.

A little about Joelene.

Joelene has nearly 20 years experience running her own business as a photographer and studio owner. Photographing up to 69 weddings a year she has the know-how on how to hustle and keep a strong balance between work and raising a family. 

She created The Virtual Studio out of a love for mentoring and watching others succeed in accomplishing their dreams. She truly believes that every single woman is fueled with a passion and the ability to accomplish the incredible. And that working from a place that is meaningful will create the right momentum and excitement to take empowered women entrepreneurs to the next level! 

Connecting women with their inner power to start, succeed, and grow with their dream business.

Sharon Fung, Follaine Beauty

"Joelene came alongside me as I was starting my business. She was very thorough, asking lots of questions in order to get a feel for how I wanted my business to grow.”

Connecting women with their inner power to start, succeed, and grow with their dream business.

Karina Brown, It Works!

"Joelene has been an absolute blessing! It has helped me in so many ways, and I look forward to diving straight into 2017 with a goal-driven mentality with a positive outlook."

Connecting women with their inner power to start, succeed, and grow with their dream business.

Alexis Murphy, Koko Content

"The Virtual Studio is one of those rare gems you come across once in a blue moon – Joelene is extremely talented, incredibly personable and utterly indispensable. Within days of making her acquaintance, I could not remember how my business, or I, got along without her or The Virtual Studio”

Connecting women with their inner power to start, succeed, and grow with their dream business.

Annie Warholm, AW Design Co.

"Before working with Joelene and The Virtual Studio, I was at a mentally draining 9-5. In this position, I lost a lot of myself – confidence, joy, passion for my career – something had to change. For years I dreamed of running my own graphic design business, but could never bring myself to make the jump. Finally, I took The Virtual Studio’s 5 day Path to Success course. The course was laden with resources and tools that supported me from those early planning stages to building and maintaining my current day to day workflows. I had the opportunity to work closely with Joelene, and she proved herself to be an extremely knowledgeable and supportive coach. I work for myself now, and I feel like I’ve been brought back to life.”

Connecting women with their inner power to start, succeed, and grow with their dream business.

Janel Cameron, Youngevity

"When women entrepreneurs get together, it is amazing to witness and be a part of the learning and growing that happens in the room. With everything we need in the PTS program from social media, blogging, web design to girl bosses, like myself, is an amazing resource to grow with my business. The best part of the TVS experience was the soul searching and mindset training! Finding my balance and learning to integrate the essential practices into my daily life has changed everything."

The Essentials

Behind these digital doors, you will find the systems, strategies and the support you need to start, succeed and grow your business. You will instant access to hours of training, online Q&A sessions, and step-by-step systems with one-on-one assistance throughout your journey. 

Each recording is available to download, so you can listen, podcast style, while on the run! The companion PDFs are both type and print ready, giving you the option to work on them digitally or the old school pen and paper way. 

Not to mention, bonus challenges, business solutions, and more just waiting for you to start implementing!

What you will accomplish with your membership!


Get a better understanding of your purpose, and strengths and how these will be the building blocks of your dream business.

Establish the entrepreneur mindset, learn how to be productive right out of the gate, create a business blueprint and 90-day plans. Ensuring you are starting out on the right foot on your path to success.


Gain a strong and positive foundation to start your business.

Discover your purpose, create a solid business plan, establish your vision, define your mission, and set the groundwork for your growing business.


Implement all of your planning and take action. Create an authentic brand identity, logo and website, ensuring you have a strong online presence.

Authentic businesses inspire and prosper, by being your authentic self both in your business and life will pave the way for a life with purpose and success.


Taking action, implementing your business plan and moving forward with your dream business!

There is nothing left to do but grow! Move forward with confidence, have a clear direction of where your business is heading and come out knowing your business serves others and is making a difference.

Join Us and Start Building Your Business and Create a Life You Love.

Any time women come together with a collective intention, it is powerful. The Virtual Studio’s mission is to bring women together and assist them with connecting to their inner power to start, succeed, and grow with their dream business.

With the Virtual Studio’s Path to Success Membership, you will find lots of resources to grow your business, build a life with purpose and be a part of a community of like-minded woman from all types of industries.


  • Unlimited Access to The Virtual Studio team via email and Facebook messenger.
  • Instant access to all sessions, bootcamps and challenges and community.
  • Downloadable audios and PDF workbooks.
  • Instant access to the Success Suite Facebook community.
  • Bonus training and mini-bootcamps
  • Monthly challenges to take your business to the next level.
  • Only             CAD per month!


My promise to you...

pts guarantee

The Virtual Studio is an online studio for women who want to achieve incredible things, build successful businesses and live a life of purpose.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and it can be challenging, overwhelming and frustrating at times, which is why I’ve created the studio’s membership site. So you can keep moving forward, have the support, inspiration and accountability needed for success.

Like everything in life, you will only get out of this membership what you put into it. I will be showing you show you the right steps to turn your passion into a thriving business.

Success is only guaranteed when you truly commit to the hard work involved.


That said, I want you to feel amazing about investing in yourself and your business when you join the Virtual Studio’s Path to Success Membership program. That is why the Virtual Studio has a cancel anytime offer. All members have the right to cancel at anytime without limitation. 

That is how confident I am that you will love this membership as much as I do!